The State of Business

The Internet is moving from a sales and distribution channel to the “basis of the business”.  In order to remain cost competitive internal process and information must be accessible over the web.  At the same time customers expect to be able to “do business” over the web.  Companies and organizations can no longer afford to have an “informational” website. Instead both customer and competitive pressure requires that they put their whole business “online”.


The Twin Headed Trend

In today’s world the mobile networks and broadband are becoming inseparable.  Customers are demanding any time, anywhere, any device access to the internet, content and applications.   Yet the exploding demand for both mobility and broadband everywhere creates enormous demands on telecom operators and enterprise networks.  Devices such as Blackberrys, smart phones, iPads, tablets and laptops have replaced PCs as the major methods of accessing the Internet.  In fact they have become the “next generation” computer.


The State of Networks & Systems

These trends are forcing companies and organizations to rethink their network and system’s design and operation.  At a minimum, network and system capacity has to be continuously expanded to meet internal & external customer needs.


Strategic Decision

Companies, governments and investors can choose to ignore or move slowly to adopt the new technologies


They can embrace the extension of the Internet and face the technology and business challenges.


The Dilemma

How can Senior Management meet the new opportunities in a .  .  .

a) Cost effective manner, and

b) With minimal technological, business and customer risk?


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